How to adjust the stainless steel mesh band

1. Lift: place a small tool (flathead screwdriver or adjustment tool) in the slot on the clasp. Lift the bar in the direction facing away from the straight pin (place the tool so the handle is in the direction of the case of the watch). Leveraging the tool against the straight pin may result in the straight pin bending.  

2. Shift: the adjustment buckle to the desired position (make sure the clasp is set in one of the indentations on the back of the band).  

3. Press: press the slotted clasp closed, not using the straight pin as leverage to protect against bending.

Winding the mainspring

Automatic winding watch can also be hand winded by turning the crown in "A" position. Wind 15-20 times and it will start to move naturally after shaking slightly.



1. Pull the crown out to the “B” position. 

2. Turn the crown to set hour and minute discs. 

3. Push the crown back to the normal position.