About the design

Gravity Alpha is an unique watch brand inspired by the nature of gravitation and the mechanism of the star track. An unique design with moving disc plates. It is an mechanical artwork that measures your time through gravity.

Our watches are designed with the newest technology, best materials and craftsmanship. Gravity Alpha creates a series of timepieces with an undefined artwork in science. The measurement of time with the gravitation in the parts of the movement combined with the endless cycling of the star track in its design. That is an artwork with succession from the past through the present into the future.

The Gravity Alpha exemplifies the nature of the gravitation. The Gravity Alpha is designed for the finest and modest future people.


How we are inspired, the gravity, the star track

Endless scientists are researching for the mechanism of the universal star track, and the work of time zones. Millions and millions of cycles have passed through different time zones. The interest and existence of the indefinite movement of the universal star track is still for most of us a big mystery. This mystery had us all.



We wanted to create a watch that is inspired by the mystery. With an outstanding unconventional design and mechanism as a daily fashion accessory. Combined with the inheritance of watch making in the family and the inspiration of the nature in gravity and star track, we created the Gravity Alpha GT-124.