About Gravity Timepiece


“Measure your time through the gravity of nature”

Endless scientists are researching for the mechanism of the universal star track, and the work of time zones. Millions and millions of cycles have passed through different time zones. The interest and existence of the indefinite movement of the star track is still for most of us a big mystery.

With the newest technology and the best materials and craftsmanship, Gravity creates a series of timepieces with an undefined artwork in science. The measurement of time with the gravitation in the parts of the movement combined with the endless cycling of the star track in its design. That is an artwork with succession from the past through the present into the future.

The Gravity timepieces exemplify the nature of the gravitation. Our timepieces are designed for those who want to explore the work and science of time in a modest and future world.


G R A V I T Y 時計

無數科學家正在研究運用星軌運行的機制和時區來工作。經過數百萬和數百萬週期不同的時區。 星軌道的無限運行的興趣和存在仍然是我們大多數人的一個巨大的奧秘。

憑藉最新的技術和最好的材料和工藝,Gravity創造了一系列在科學未定義的藝術品的時計。 在指針運行的部分中具有重力的時間的測量,結合其設計中的星形軌道的無限循環。 這是一個從過去到現在和未來的繼承藝術品。